Literally tens of New Yorkers walk and drive past a certain non-descript, concrete-and-glass building on Canal Street every day, with absolutely no knowlege that Oscilloscope Labs, the world headquarters of the Beastie Boys, is housed inside. Indeed, when I made my way up the elevator last week to sit in on a roundtable with the Boys, who have been promoting their fan-shot concert film/love letter Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot Thatin full force the past few weeks, my only clue that I was entering the domain of superstars came from an overheard lunch order made by a personal assistant: "We're going to need to make sure that the risotto can be made with vegetable stock, and no cheese. It needs to contain absolutely no animal products of any kind." High-maintenance veganism aside, it's refreshing that the Beasties have managed to made it through two decades in the public eye – and have continued to evolve creatively – without lapsing into typical celebrity self-seriousness. And Awesome is as strong a testament to their staying power as we'll ever see – living proof that, as the elder statesmen of white rap keep getting older, their fans stay the same age.

The Boys have a reputation for swerving around interview questions (Exhibit A: this WIRED interview, in which Ad Rock warns George Foreman to watch his back), so I went into the roundtable determined to meet them off-topic. So that's me you'll hear, asking Mike D about his acting debut; later, when they launch into the debate over the proper way to hold a barbeque contest, I'm pretty sure it's also my fault. You can listen to the entire roundtable here; or, subscribe to our entire podcast feed, via iTunes or RSS.