Hooray for Friday:
  • According to the great Johnny Knoxville, another Jackass movie is currently being filmed. Yippee, more screen time devoted to morons hurting themselves! Can you handle the excitement? Yes? Well then, how about the irony that Knoxville decided againstThe Dukes of Hazzard 2 because, as his costar said, "the reviews [were] just so bad", but is going ahead full force with this sequel? The mind boggles.
  • Bad sign #295 for Dallas: director Robert Luketic has left the project, reportedly because he's unhappy with some of the casting choices. He didn't mention any names but I think it's clear that like many of you, readers, he too hates JLo. Though Fox is acting like they'll get right back on the horse (Betty Thomas is rumored be in line to take over), the fact is that the film has been quietly pulled from their fall release schedule - get ready to wait.
  • Robert Englund (that's Freddie Krueger to you) has signed on to direct only his second feature, and his first in nearly 20 years, a horror comedy called Killer Pad. The movie is about three friends who move into a house in the Hollywood Hills, refusing to believe that it really has "a dark history." While it would be sort of refreshing to see a movie in which everyone just does laundry and hangs out in a decidedly non-haunted house, I'm guessing that's not going to be the case here: all sorts of blood and nastiness is undoubtedly in store for the lads.
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