Martha noted earlier that the James Dean museum in Indiana finally closed for good. The news made me want to look for some images of James Dean, preferably not the same few photos I always seem to find: the long one of him reclining in Giant, the surly one in the jacket from Rebel Without a Cause. You can imagine why I might feel particularly inclined to find a still of Dean in his role as Jett Rink in the 1956 epic Giant: the character's name is so charming. But he looks terrible as the older Jett; the photo would have to be from early in the film. Fortunately, I tracked down the above image.

I'm not a big fan of Giant (it's too long, for one thing), but I remember the little scene above where Leslie (Elizabeth Taylor) visits Jett and he makes her a cup of tea. The idea of a man serving tea could perhaps be viewed as oddly non-masculine to some people, particularly 1950s audiences. But Dean pouring tea, his shirt open practically to the waist, makes you think of his serving you breakfast the morning after some crazed night of passion. You might be tempted to say something like, "That man can strain my tea leaves any day." I'm not sure quite what that means, but ... enjoy the image.
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