Because we don't have enough "Wow, weddings are so wacky!" movies, Warner Brothers has another one piping hot and ready to go. Their particular angle on wedding madness involves a crazy minister, a prenuptial class, a breakup, and a happily-ever-after: can you handle the anticipation?

Entitled License to Wed, the movie is going to start Mandy Moore and Robin Williams, but thankfully not as the couple. Instead, Williams plays the minister at Moore's character's church, who refuses to perform her wedding ceremony unless she and her husband take and pass a prenup class. Needless to say, they don't pass, it's the boy's fault, and they breakup. Don't worry, though - they get back together (I'm sure there are tears on both sides, and at least one person saying "Oh, darling, I was a fool!") and everything is lovely. While no one has yet been cast as the groom, talks for the role have just begun with The Office's John Krasinski.

Williams will start chewing scenery in May, under the guidance of Office and The Bernie Mac Show director Ken Kwapis.
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