Torrente is a corrupt, obnoxious cop who is the main character in the most successful comedy franchise (it so far consists of three films) in Spanish history. Based on what little I can find about the films in English, the character of Torrente is basically a repulsive pig who is also a drunk, racist, and abusive to his crippled father. Nice, huh? In addition, much of the series' humor is either so regional as to be indecipherable to those outside Spain or based on the appearances of "popular actors, sportsmen, freaks, [and] low-profile celebrities", the presence of whom most not non-Spaniards wouldn't even notice. It's quite reasonable, then, that New Line would see the franchise as having great remake potential. Sigh.

Imagine the pitch in the screening room, right after the first film (Torrente: Dumb Arm of the Law) was screened for execs: "Ok, now I know it's totally offensive and really not funny at all. But just wait until we punch it up! And take out the offensive stuff! And totally change the character! Come on, who's with me?" In order to make this thing work for American audiences, the character is going to have to be totally overhauled, as is the style of the humor - I mean, why did they even bother with the remake rights? I can't imagine New Line's first effort (currently being written by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack) will bear more than a passing resemblance to the original film.

If any of you happen to have seen any of these films, please fill us in - is there logic to this whole remake thing, or is it just another case of a studio being blinded by dollar signs?
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