Four big new releases this week, and every last one of them was screened for critics. What is the world coming to? A couple of the movies earned surprisingly good reviews (hooray for ATL!), while one in particular is just as awful as we had hoped/feared/expected. In brief: ATL is surprisingly solid, Slither rocks, Ice Age: The Meltdown has a really funny squirrel in it, and Basic Instinct 2 is a huge, insulting, boring pile of crap. Read on for details.
  • Ice Age: The Meltdown: It's a bad sign when virtually every review (including Kim's, which is really the only one you need to read to know what the film is like) talks in glowing terms about a squirrel doing battle with a nut, a bit that is totally unrelated to the movie's plot and takes up minimal screen time. Very, very bad. That said, there are a few critics who disagree with the disappointedmasses and think the film outdoes its predecessor - parents, you may want to limit yourself to these reviews, since you're likely to be seeing the movie 700 times.