AICN first reported yesterday that a teaser trailer for the new Simpsons movie would be showing before Ice Age 2. Tonight, a whole bunch of people confirmed the rumor to be true and, folks, it looks like we're really getting a Simpsons flick. Yay! Or nay?

From the reports coming in, it doesn't seem like it was a whole lot to get excited about. At least, not yet. Supposedly, the teaser opens up on a close-up of the Superman logo. Then, the image slowly widens to show Homer sitting on the couch with a Superman shirt on. A voice announces a Simpsons movie coming in 2007, then Homer says, "We better get started." After that, we hear Monty Burns' all-too-familiar phrase, "Excellent." Right now, it seems the official title of the film will be Simpsons: The Movie.

Word is this same teaser will play during Sunday's episode of The Simpsons - so be on the look out. Anyone else see the teaser and want to chime in? Was there more to it? Or less?

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