Okay, I admit the title of this post is just a bit misleading - but I couldn't pass up the chance to write that sentence. It's possibly the funniest thing I've written in my career at Cinematical. Let's all just lock onto that mental image for a moment and have a really good laugh. Wow, okay. Now let's move on to some clarification about the Thor movie currently in the script writing stage. The role of the Marvel god has reportedly been landed by Rikki Lee Travolta, nephew to the famous disco star. Travola the younger is a classically trained Shakespearean actor who has done very well for himself on Broadway. He is also, apparently, a "highly decorated" martial arts expert and trained in hand-to-hand combat. His name has been tossed about before in relation to the role, although the film hasn't even landed itself a director yet. Hollywood Dot Com reports that geek favorite David Goyer, who is currently writing the script for the film, may be interested in helming the project as well.

Has anyone out there seen Rikki Lee on stage? I have no thoughts about the man, because I know almost nothing about him, except he was rumored for a while to play the new Bond and that his uncle may have been one of the worst things to happen to a Marvel flick in recent memory. However, I do have plenty of opinion on David Goyer, and I'd be glad to see him in charge of the flick. Chime in with your thoughts on Rikki Lee, or with suggestions for a better casting choice.
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