Bruce Willis was recently interviewed by Extra, and he disclosed some tidbits regarding Die Hard 4. The actor claims that the script is still being written, as is the one for 16 Blocks 2. (Might I suggest to the screenwriter behind 16 Blocks 2 that you call it 11 Avenues, and tell a story in which Willis needs to travel across town instead of downtown? Man, the amount of action and frustration that could potentially come out of that flick - it makes me almost crave Monday morning's commute right about now. Yum.)

When asked about the rumors that Jessica Simpson was being considered for the role of John McClane's daughter, Willis laughed and wasn't even sure whether the character existed in the current version of the script. After reading that quote, I simply sighed and whispered, "What version are they on now Bruce? 52?"

However, a very interesting thing to come out of the interview was Willis admitting that Reginald VelJohnson and Bonnie Bedelia were approached about the film. You may remember those two as Sgt. Al Powell and Holly Gennero McClane from the first Die Hard. Powell was the cop who befriended McClane and Holly was his estranged wife. Okay, so they want to go old school with this one, huh? I can dig it. Can you?


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