From the sound of things, 20th Century Fox is getting cold feet about Baz Luhrmann's mysterious epic, period, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe-starring romance, and as a result the film is very unlikely to begin by its original summer start date. According to The Australian, Fox is wary about footing the film's budget (rumored to be about $175 million), "until it is confident that the huge investment will pay off." What's this? Rationality from a studio? Go Fox!

Because the studio is unwilling to sign off on the film under current conditions, members of the crew have actually been sent home (Luhrmann is in the middle of preparations for shooting, which he believe must begin by August in order to beat the rainy season); if a surprise greenlight doesn't come soon, it's a distinct possibility that the film won't go into production until next year, depending on the schedules of its stars.

Man, this is already sounding like one of those legendary dream projects that ends up stretching on for years and years through crisis after crisis. And I have to admit that I'm sort of hoping that's what happens - you know Luhrmann will get it done eventually, and the drama'll be even better if the movie turns out to be great. Man, if only Elizabeth Taylor was his star - then the setup would be perfect!

[via Coming Soon]
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