Ice Age: The Meltdown demolished the box office competition this weekend, coming in with just over $70 million - a total that gives it the second-biggest non-summer open of all time. While the fact that the film was released on such a massive number of screens (almost 4000, the fifth-highest total ever) certainly contributed to the numbers, the total is nevertheless impressive and, depending on the final totals, could leave it tied with The Incredibles for the-second biggest animation debut. Whew.

Spike Lee's hit Inside Man held onto second place, its total of $15.7 million a dropoff of a not atypical 45% from last week's numbers. Finishing a surprising third was (the awesome) ATL, which made a very respectable $12.5 million on only 1602 screens, the second-lowest exposure of any film in the top ten. The fourth and fifth biggest earners this weekend were the still-strong Failure to Launch ($6.6 million) and V for Vendetta, which drew $6.5 million in its third week of release.

Slither, the weekend's third major debut feature, made a disappointing $3.7 million, despite strong reviews and a very wide open. Lucky for Slither, however, it was released in the same week at Basic Instinct 2, which was such an unmitigated disaster ($3.2 million on about 1500 screens) that no one will ever talk about how badly the movie about the slugs did. The full top 10 is after the jump.