Last week, Erik posted about the desire of some theater owners "to transition...from being traditional movie theaters to being community entertainment destinations", and the fact that one step in that process is going to be the screening of sporting events on the big screen. While this move is a new one for American theaters and audiences alike, it's in fact nothing new to our English counterparts.

Back in 2002, Odeon Cinemas digitally projected World Cup games in their theaters (which, since the Cup was in Japan and Korea, meant that a lot of people were skipping work to go to the "movies" - evening games were at about noon GMT) and, this year, they're going it one better: No more of that digital crap, it's all about the HD. The chain will once again be showing all of England's games, in addition to everything from the quarterfinals on, and the HD is going to make it so you can see every hair on Wayne Rooney's oddly square chin. Admission will run fans about $9.50, and kids' tickets will be even cheaper, prices that are much lower than those the Brits normally have to pay to go to the cinema.

I'm pretty sure I'm the only soccer fan here, but I love this idea - if you can't afford to go to Germany for the games, it's a great way to watch them with a big group (Odeon's largest theaters hold over 1500 people) of like-minded fans.
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