BrokebackmovielinkIn Monday's Wall Street Journal, Sarah McBride reports that Tuesday's release of Brokeback Mountain on DVD will not only herald its viewing by a gaggle of fans who got to hear all about it during award season, but a slew of folks who are into the whole "I got a copy online - legally" thing, too. While this will apparently be a pricey proposition for those who choose to go with the broadband-downloaded version -- the expectation is that "newer" films on Movielink will be between $20-$30, according to the article -- the big story here is really that the studios are getting with the program, and realizing that downloaded versions, whether legal or not, are the way things are going, and a preferred method for a lot of people.

Will this bring a little bit more positive light towards Movielink and the studios? Maybe a little, but probably not that much if the pricing is going to be out of whack. A lot of people who like having a digital version would still know how to get around most of the security features of whatever they have purchased above the board, and the extra step might be worth a 50% bounty on having that digital version. Let's just realize that for the big biz folks, it's all about baby steps.