This should come as no surprise to anyone who hangs in the horror end of the movie pool, but New Line is apparently gearing up to give us an all-new Freddy Krueger misadventure. No, not another sequel or an odd little experiment like New Nightmare -- but a prequel that plans to cover the back-story of the pre-dead Freddy Krueger, his unseemly relationship with numerous small children, and the neighborhood parents who strike back ... thereby creating an undead boogeyman who'll haunt them for the next 8 movies.

Those never-slumbering horror geeks at got word recently that a director has been chosen for this project, an admired and established filmmaker who is certainly no stranger to scary cinema. And that director is ... John McNaughton, the filmmaker who debuted with the undeniably creepy Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer before moving on to crime dramas (Mad Dog & Glory), pulpy sex thrillers (Wild Things), and comedies so bad they never saw a stateside theatrical release (Speaking of Sex). No word yet on screenwriters, release dates, or cast additions, but McNaughton and Robert Englund (Krueger, Fred Krueger) are apparently already on board.

So ... Jason and Freddy do battle in their combo movie, and then each of the beloved slashers get their own "origin story" prequel. Smart move, if only from a "squeezing the last drops of blood from two popular franchises" perspective.
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