Laguna Beach'sKristin Cavalleri, whose "career" since the show ended has been a glorious articulation of the reason MTV needs to die (and I actually watched the show -- honestly, I could never tell her and that LC chick apart), is moving from her annoying TV and gossip page personality phase to a totally cool new one: movie star. And I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Cavalleri has been taped to costar with fellow (non-reality) TV "star" Brittany Snow (among other things, she was in a handful of Nip/Tuck episodes) in Fingerprints, an indie psychological thriller. The plot of the film is incredibly disjointed and vague, but here it is: Snow's character was in rehab. She gets out and moves back in with the fam; Cavalleri is her sister. Then, for no reason whatsoever, she "gets involved in an investigation of what has paralyzed residents." Uh, wha? Residents of what? Her house? And what does rehab have to do with anything? When in crisis, does the local PD turn to any ex-addicts who happen to be hanging around? And, to make the whole thing that much more confusing, Variety is reporting that the movie is "loosely based on an urban legend involving haunted train tracks." Ah. Of course it is.
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