I know that, within a few weeks, summer movie previews will be a dime a dozen, and I promise, we won't link to all of them. Jeffery Wells' is notable, however, because he's actually optimistic about what's to come -- not, mind you, because the movies are all going to be good, but because it strikes him that this year's summer slate is "a little bit craftier and less dumbed-down than usual." (Mind you, right after he says that, there's a picture of Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx. Is that a mixed message?) Wells goes so far as to suggest that, of the 15 major releases coming this summer, "only two or three seem deliberately aimed at the bozos." I'll let you read for yourself to see which films he's dismissing, but the possibility that watching the majority of big, summer releases might actually required brain power is fairly exciting.

Among the films Wells points to as evidence of the whole "thinking summer" thing are Flags of Our Fathers, World Trade Center, Apocalypto and, wishfully, Miami Vice, about which I share his mixed feelings of dread (constant problems during production, unpredictable stars, possible empty script) and eagerness (For the love of God, it's Michael Mann! How bad could the movie possible be?). In addition to giving ample space to the big releases, Wells' column also offers up some worthy, smaller alternatives for each weekend, so it's worth a read even for those among us who scorn the multiplex.
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