Karina reported a while back that Starbucks had gotten into the movie industry (and not just in the form of Tom Hanks movies with the word "Starbucks" in the title) with a production credit for Lionsgate and 2929's Akeelah and the Bee. And, now that the film's release is imminent, Starbucks is initiating phase two of its involvement: beating customers over the head with the movie. Woo hoo! So, starting Tuesday, expect to see a whole lot of Akeelah and the Bee-related stuff going on at your local Starbucks. Don't worry, though: according to company executives, the marketing will be "much classier and more upscale than the average fast-food chain movie promotion." (This is a good thing? I was counting on a Laurence Fishburne toy with my latte, dammit.)

Apart from dissing fast food-style promotions, however, the people at Starbucks aren't offering many details about what their classy technique will entail. Basically, all we know that words from the movie (the "bee" in the title, by the way, refers to a spelling bee, not the buzzing kind) will show up on cups, and those oh-it's-too-hot sleeves. Oh, and that when you go to get coffee tomorrow, you "will be invited to step inside Akeelah's journey." Oh boy, a journey! Thanks, Starbucks.
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