Erik told us in great detail last weekend about the teaser for the The Simpsons movie, but if you still want to see it for yourself and missed it last night (and weren't one of the 14 trillion people who went to see Ice Age: The Meltdown), here's your chance. Or at least it would be your chance, if YouTube wasn't down. Oh dear. If it doesn't go up within the next 30 minutes, I predict a complete internets meltdown. Hide the children! Ahem. Moving on. Homer and clan will be in theaters in July 2007.

Also making its first appearance is a new, internet-only teaser for Clerks 2. Yippee. I suppose if you're a Kevin Smith fan, this is totally hilarious to you but sadly, I'm just not sophisticated enough to grasp the complex humor. That said, however, I do totally dig Wanda Sykes, and she's in it -- that's something, right? This one will beat the Simpson family into release by almost a year: it hits theaters this August.

[via The Movie Blog]
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