The highly-anticipated Italian film The Caiman recently opened in Italy, and responses have been mixed. As I briefly discussed several months ago, there was a tremendous buzz around the film, caused collectively by its subject matter (it was expected to be a fictional attack on Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi), prominent director (Nanni Moretti), and the media blackout imposed upon the production. Now that the film has finally been released, it's not having quite the effect that was anticipated. Not only is the film as much a condemnation of the Italian "readiness to be duped by a salesman of genius" as it is the country's Prime Minster, but there is also growing concern among Berlusconi's opponents that the film will jinx them, much like they believe  Fahrenheit 9/11 did to the American political left in 2004.

Berlusconi, meanwhile, who seems to be made of teflon, has embraced his once-negative nickname, and has taken to introducing himself as "Il caimano." The Italian elections are held in less than two weeks; no matter how they turn out, The Caiman is widely expected to be on the competition slate at Cannes.
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