We reported about a month ago about a movie called Fred Claus, in which Vince Vaughn was set to play Santa's "black-sheep" older brother, and which was inevitably going to be utterly hilarious. Sadly, unspecified "rights issues" have led to the yanking of the title (Who the hell acquires the rights to the name "Fred Claus?" If the guy isn't clairvoyant, he's clearly a very odd individual.). The good news, however, is that the great, Dan Fogelman-penned plot -- deadbeat Fred heads back to the North Pole in search of some redemption -- remains in place, as does the Wedding Crashers dream team of Vaughn and director David Dobkin.

In addition, Variety reported this morning that Fred now has a brother: Paul Giamatti will play Santa. Now, I will confess that when I first read the article, my main reaction was disbelief -- Giamatti? As Santa? Please. But then I looked at his face, and thought about his mellowness playing off of Vaughn's depressive madness, and it all fit into place -- Warner Brothers, this is officially brilliant. (And, just so you know, if the movie is bad, I will be the saddest, most bitter person on earth. That is all.)
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