While it's been difficult over the last few days to sort out which April Fools' rumors are real and which are false, this one seems somewhat legit, so why not give it a shot? According to a certain little gossip monkey over at Moviehole, Will Smith is in talks to revive The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and bring it to the big screen.

However, it appears he'll only be producing the film through his Overlook Entertainment and not starring as Mr. Fresh -- probably because, well, the guy is long past his early 20s. Not much else is being said about the project, only that Smith is now on the lookout for youngsters to reprise the popular role.

Here's my question to Mr. Smith: Sir, what drugs are you on? Sure, the show was a big hit, um, 16 years ago, but  what leads you to believe the gimmick will be successful today, let alone provide enough juice to squeeze out a feature film? On the other hand, you find a hot young actor (Is Bow Wow hot?), cast Bernie Mac as your rich father and throw Smith a cameo appearance, then maybe you've got the foundation for a hit -- except they would have to lose the word "fresh" immediately. What do you think?

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