For the past several years, Quentin Tarantino has brought his own brand of film mania to Austin, screening films just because he loves them -- and the masses go crazy for it, usually selling each fest out without hours of passes going on sale. This year's QT Fest (badges for which went on sale this morning and are surely already gone) is slightly different: instead of bringing more unknown/little-seen/unusual flicks to the Austin film community, Tarantino is bringing back the (totally arbitrary, which is the whole point of the festival) best movies from the past six events, and the eagerly-anticipated list was just revealed.

Included on this year's slate will be an incredibly wide variety of films, from Sam Peckinpah's wonderful, rarely seen Junior Bonner to Pretty Maids all in a Row, which AICN's Quint describes as "a sexploitation flick... Starring Johnny Carson's son, Telly Savalas...Angie Dickinson, Rock Hudson and Roddy McDowell... directed by Roger Vadim." (I think I speak for all of us when I say "Holy crap!" to that summary. Damn, I wish I were in Austin.)

The full list of films for the fest, which runs April 24-30, is up at AICN, and Jette's News from Slackerwood pieces will keep us jealously well-informed as we get closer to the first screening.

[via Matt Dentler]
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