Last week, Martha reported on "hot young director-of-the-moment" Jason Reitman signing a deal with Fox Searchlight. In fact, it's a cool deal with a lot more behind it than Fox Searchlight's press release touting the deal actually lets on. I talked to Reitman the other day about his new prodco, Hard C, in which he is partnering with Daniel Dubiecki. Dubiecki, in addition to producing Reitman's current hit Thank Your For Smoking, produced all of Reitman's short films and, most recently, a controversial short called The Big Empty, starring Selma Blair as a woman whose vagina is both a literal and metaphorical frozen tundra because she doesn't have love (that one really pissed off the feminist crowd when it screened at last year's Seattle International Film Festival.)

The press release revealed that under the terms of the deal, Reitman and Dubiecki will develop and produce films for Fox Searchlight. So, here's the full scoop from Reitman. Fox Searchlight was impressed with the success of some young indie filmmakers who were developing solid films on minimal budgets outside the Hollywood machine. Reitman, having gone through the challenges of being a young filmmaker with a great script just trying to get a film made, had a vision of his own: to help other talented directors -- folks who've already proved they have talent through directing some short films -- get a leg up on getting their films made and distributed. Fox Searchlight and Reitman talked about their mutual visions, a deal was born and, one hopes, the fruit of this interesting union will be more smart, savvy comedies like Thank You For Smoking