Picture this: Indiana Jones races through the Outback chasing a bad guy while riding atop a kangaroo! Can you see it? Okay, maybe I'm taking it a bit too far, but producer Frank Marshall told Australia's Herald Sun that filming Indiana Jones 4 in the land down under is a definite possibility. Since it's his job to get this damn picture made already, if he can do it better and for less money in Australia, then you bet your ass they'll be shooting there.

Indy in the outback? Could be interesting. Marshall also alluded to a timeline for the story. He said that the fourth installment will take place approximately a decade after Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, making it about 1948-50. As far as when the actual film will begin production, it appears as if everyone is now in agreement with the screenplay after David Koepp turned in a polished draft of Jeff Nathanson's script. So that's good, right? However, we still need to wait for Steven Spielberg to return from his one-year sabbatical before the ball can really get rolling. Well, I guess we've got casting, title and plot rumors to keep us busy until then. Damn you Spielberg - stop snoozing and go make us a movie!

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