Doug Liman, who because a hot property in Hollywood when his Mr. & Mrs. Smith conquered the world (for some reason The Bourne Identity and Swingers weren't enough), will be directing a film called Jumper as his follow-up effort. The movie is based on a young adult novel by Steven Gould (Not to be confused with Stephen J. Gould -- that would be a very different kind of movie.), and tells the incredibly cool-sounding story of "a kid from a broken home who discovers that he has the ability to teleport." As he's teleporting around, trying to find the guy who killed his mom (As if the ability to teleport isn't a big enough issue for a teen to deal with -- his mom was murdered, too?!), the boy both meets someone else with similar powers (yay!) and runs afoul of the NSA (boo!). Amazon, here I come.

The film will star a British kid named Tom Sturridge (who has very little screen experience), and Billy Elliot's Jamie Bell, who will play the experienced jumper who shows the newbie the ropes. Also in the cast is an Aussie by the name of Teresa Palmer, who has been in even fewer movies than Sturridge. Production company Regency Enterprises is optimistically planning a trilogy based on Gould's books, though one imagines this installment will have to make a few dollars before that becomes a reality. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the movie, when it starts shooting in June, will feature "extensive special effects." Really? You mean Jamie Bell can't really teleport? I'm stunned.
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