Welcome back, friends. I'm going to go in an interesting new direction -- some might call it radical -- with my column today, and actually do a geek-roundup news in review for this past week! That's right, it has only taken me three columns to get around to writing what I'm actually supposed to write. You may leave your praises and accolades for my journalistic prowess in the comments section. Now for the Geek Beat... 

X-men 3is still coming, and you can't do anything about it. Nothing new has changed, and so we're going to skip right past the X-Verse for now and see what else the Geek Beat has to offer. If you've got some fresh X-News or opinions to offer, comment away.

A plot synopsis for the new Spider-Man flick has found its way to the internet. The legitimacy is still technically in question, but it seems to be right in line with what everyone was expecting. I'll have a lot more to say about the plot of this flick in the coming months, but for now I'd just like to complain once more that they are adding in Gwen Stacy after already making MJ the primary initial love interest and GIVING MJ HER DEATH SCENE. It wasn't enough that they gave the death scene to someone else - and didn't actually kill her - now they are going to parade her character across to screen to remind us of the insult. I know you casual fans out there can't figure out why we True Believers are so bent about this, but just take my word for it -- it's a big deal.

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