Some industrious person in Hollywood made a giant dart board, and on it wrote the names of every comic book/graphic novel ever created. For a few hundred dollars, this shady gentleman will allow any major studio executive who wants to get in on the comic book action -- but finds himself sadly ignorant of the field -- to grab a single dart and hurl it in the direction of the board. When this dart strikes, the big executive runs out and grabs up the rights to his new comic book property. In this way, all sorts of comic book titles have found their way into the tents of film studios, and those that survive development hell will eventually make it onto the silver screen. The latest graphic novel to get so lucky is Howard Chaykin's Power and Glory. P and G is the story of a genetically enhanced super soldier who is timid about his own powers and thus finds himself teamed up with a tough former C.I.A. operative. Rumors of this adaptation have been floating around since the late nineties, according to Cinescape, but this time they mean it.
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