Tuesdays bits and pieces:
  • Because Dude, Where's My Car? was just that good, director Danny Leiner and star Seann William Scott are reteaming for Tennis Coach, an indie flick about "an overzealous high school janitor...who takes on the task of coaching a group of lovable misfits to the Nebraska state championship, overcoming their motley backgrounds in the process." Aw. I feel my heart warming already.
  • Samuel L. Jackson has joined the cast of 1408, the Stephen King adaptation that already starsJohn Cusack. The film, based on one of King's short stories, is about an author who ignores the Ominous Warnings of a hotel manager (that's Jackson, who will surely be applying his "FUUUURIOUS anger" voice to the task) and stays the night in "notorious Room 1408." Production is due to begin this summer.
  • Speaking of Jackson, meticulous research by a gent named Noah Stone may have unearthed the true inspiration behind internet sensation, Snakes on a Plane: it's Richard Scarry. In Scarry's Busy, Busy World, a boa constrictor named Noah gets on a plane for Rio. While most of his fellow passenger are looking forward to the glory of Carnivale, Noah has other ideas: "He didn't care about dancing ... He just wanted to eat." New Line, you got some 'splaining to do! [via Defamer]
  • Adrien Brody is starring in Manolete, Dutch writer/director Menno Meyjes biopic about a matador so famous that, upon his death (as is appropriate, he was gored by a bull) Franco declared three days of mourning. The screenplay explores the later years of Manolete's life, including his relationship with the actress Lupe Sino, who is being played by the lovely and amazing Penélope Cruz. Production began last week, and there's a chance the movie will be in (Spanish) theaters by the end of the year.
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