Director David Dobkin (too much alliteration there) made waves with his summer sleeper hit Wedding Crashers, and is riding the Vince Vaughn train right into his next flick, the film previously known as Fred Claus. However, once he's done with that project (and maybe one or two others) he'll be getting in on the comic book-to-movie action with the help of writer Phil Hay, who is penning the script to the big screen adaptation of R.I.P.D. In an interview with Cinematic Happenings, Hay described the project as a "spectral police force" film along the lines of Ghostbusters and Men In Black. He went on to further categorize the film as "action comedy, very heavy on the comedy." No word yet on an expected release date.

After being pleasantly surprised by Wedding Crashers, I've got to agree with Hay when he says that Dobkin is a great choice for director because he knows his way around comedy. I've never read R.I.P.D., but the premise certainly sounds amusing - I may have to go hunt down a few episodes for a trial run. Any readers out there familiar enough with the title to tell me why I should (or shouldn't) dig in?
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