Because Focus Features was sick of all this bidding-war nonsense, they recently entered into a deal with Random House, the terms of which dictate that the two companies will co-develop and co-finance a series of films based on Random House books. The resulting films will be distributed by Focus, but Random House will share ownership. (This is an awesome idea -- why has no one else entered into this sort of agreement? Or have they? Those in the know, please drop some knowledge in the comments.)

The first two Random House properties to be picked up under the agreement were both set in the Middle East; The Attack, a novel by Yasmina Khadra, and Curveball, "a nonfiction narrative about the beginning of the war in Iraq" are in early development. The most recent addition, however, has a much more megaplex flavor -- it's Dean Koontz's The Husband, a not-yet-published novel about "an ordinary working man whose love for his wife is put to the test over the course of 60 hours after his normal workday is interrupted by a phone call from a stranger." (Yawn.) Given that Koontz has sold roughly 459 billion books and regularly appears on best-seller lists, it seems likely that the film version of this one will be pursuing his typical, mainstream audience.
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