We may as well go ahead and change our name from Cinematical to CineSimpsons - All Simpsons. All the time. To recap: Several months went by after The Simpsons feature film was announced last summer until, finally, last week, things really started to heat up. Harry Shearer (Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, etc..) divulged that the film was going ahead and that the cast had already starting laying down dialogue. He told us the movie would not be R-rated, but did admit to it being edgier than the television show.

Over the weekend, word got out that a teaser for the flick had already landed on the big screen in front of Ice Age: The Meltdownand then, today, that same teaser hit the internet. Now, with The Simpsons causing more of a stir than Sharon Stone after watching Basic Instinct Poo - er - 2 plummet at the box office, comes possible details of a Simpson's plot. According to AICN, Krusty the Clown's nephew emailed them ( I assume that's a humorous alias) to shell out more details about the movie, including its storyline.

The nephew informed us that all of the original cast and writers are involved in the production. If that includes some of the old schoolers like Conan O'Brien, then that can mean very good things. Very. Good. Things. Oh, and about that plot? (The sentence following this one may contain SPOILERS, so if you get freaked out by that sort of thing, then stop reading right now.) Well, according to Krusty's nephew, the story will surround Homer goofing up at the power plant and causing the government to place a dome over Springfield. There you have it folks! If the information is correct, the Simpsons will be living in a bubble come 2008. Now, how about we give poor Sharon Stone a cameo, huh?

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