Variety reports this morning that Universal is making a feature based on The Dance, a documentary by John Darling Haynes. Haynes' film, which doesn't seem to have ever been screened outside of a few festivals, tells the story of prizefighter/volunteer prison boxing coach Billy "The Kid" Roth. Nicolas Cage, who will star as Roth, actually began planning the movie three years ago for his Saturn Films production company; the project seems to have just found a home at Universal, which managed to acquire the rights to the story.

The feature -- also titled The Dance -- will be built around Roth's coaching experiences in Louisiana prisons, and will focus specifically on his relationship with one inmate, to be played by 50 (Make sure you say "fitty" in you head when you read that. If you don't, he'll find out and come kick your ass.) Cent. As you might imagine, Roth believes the inmate has "the talent to be a contender" but, wouldn't you know it, the lad is serving a life sentence. Stupid freaking court system.

No word yet on a director, or when production will begin.
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