Oohh, there's a rumor flying around the Internet right now stating that original Bond, Sean Connery, might be making a cameo appearance in Casino Royale. According to The Irish Examiner, the actor is set to take on the role of a coward. Wait, so Connery is returning to the Bond franchise after all this time only to get his ass kicked and look like a fool? What's that about?

You may remember that, back when everyone was pissed off at the producers' choice to cast Daniel Craig as the next James Bond, Connery actually stepped up to the plate and said Craig was a fine choice. The ex-Bond was also glad the series was "returning to a more realistic type" of Bond girl instead of trying to impress us with another Denise Richards or Halle Berry. However, the fact that Casino Royale is being shot outside the UK for financial reasons did upset Connery, even though the man lives in the Bahamas for the same financial ...  er, weather-related reasons. Coincidentally, guess where Casino Royale is shooting right now? If you said Milwaukee, then you're not paying very close attention.  

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