Warren Beatty took one step forward and two steps back in his bid to obtain full rights to the Dick Tracy comic book character. A few months back, he scored a victory in US district court when a judge granted him the right to sue Tribune Media Services after they supposedly snatched the Tracy rights from him. Now, a hearing in federal court has ended without a ruling and the judge gave no indication as to when that might happen.

But why does he want the rights so badly? Well, because he wants to legally change his name to Dick Tracy and fight crime -- duh, why did you think he wanted them? Actually, Beatty would like to make a sequel to the popular 1990 film and, as part of his lawsuit, claims Tribune has made it "commercially impossible" for that to happen. A lawyer for Tribune argued that, as part of a deal Beatty made with Disney, the actor/director has to acquire permission from Tribune in order to move forward with a sequel. However, Beatty's representation feels Dick Tracy don't gotta ask permission from no one.

Heck, I'm with Tribune -- who wants a Dick Tracy sequel anyway? Sure, the original film was colorful and pretty to look at, but the ending will always go down as one of my least favorite of all time. In fact, I will often refer to films that kill off a bunch of critical bad guys in one scene as pulling a "Dick Tracy." Here's hoping the judge sides with me and kills off Beatty's dreams of Dick Tracy 2 real soon.

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