Shia LaBeouf has been the name on the street for 80s nostalgia geeks this past week, as he was recently confirmed as part of the cast for the upcoming Transformers live action movie. LaBeouf has to share the spotlight now, however, as Ethan Phillips has now been likewise confirmed for one of the few "human" roles in the giant robot picture. Mostly, Phillips is remembered in the acting world for his role inStar Trek: Voyager.

I think Rafe Telsch writing for Cinema Blend hits the nail right on the head when he says "nobody really cares who the humans in the movie are going to be. They are simply there to help us connect to the world that has big freakin’ robots in it." Amen, Rafe. Fans will start jumping for (or against) this film when some real action shots start to show up -- until then we'll refrain from excitement, thanks.
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