While all the buzz right now in New York City surrounds the Tribeca Film Festival, the 11th annual Gen Art Film Festival begins tonight at the famed Ziegfeld theater and is defintely perfect for us lazy folks who don't really feel like choosing among hundreds of films, fighting crowds and being denied access to the cool after parties.

Gen Art isn't your typical film festival, mainly because there are only seven feature films screened alongside seven shorts -- all of which are New York premieres. In addition to seven films and seven shorts, there are seven parties which feature, most notably, seven open bars. At two hours per night, that's roughly 14 hours of free alcohol. Need I say more?

This year's slate is a bit more high profile than previous festivals, in that it includes some of the top films from Sundance and SXSW. Tickets are $25 dollars per night and that gets you theater admission as well as access to the hot after party. Wow, did I just use the word hot? Is someone like me allowed to do that? Personally, I'm looking the most forward to Saturday night when Behind the Mask, the first ever horror film to play Gen Art, is screened. From what I hear, it's supposed to be one kick-ass good time. See a complete list of this year's films after the jump...


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