I've been so up in arms over the whole Gwen Stacy deal when it comes to Spider-Man 3 I nearly missed another fantastic little Peter Parker side story. As we all know, the character of Betty Brant* exists in the Spider-Man film world. Betty Brant is J. Jonah Jameson's secretary, and ANOTHER one-time romantic involvement of our man Pete. However, good Mr. Raimi has mercifully seen fit to leave that out of the story thus far, since he instead chose to jump right to the MJ relationship. I say "thus far" because apparently that may change, and another love interest of the pre-MJ relationship days could be thrust into an increasingly crowded love triangle (quadrangle?).

According to Elizabeth Banks, who portrays Betty in the film, her character will be "exploring a little more of my relationship with Peter Parker." Banks goes on to indicate that the office relationship between Peter and Betty is being made to resemble that of Silver Age comics, calling the Parker character "Hugh Hefner." Now all we need is for those crazy Shadowcat rumors turn out to be true, and this movie can be a full-fledged daytime soap.

*By "all" of course, I mean all geeks.
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