The rumor mill in France continues to churn out Cannes-related titles, and some new ones are in this latest batch. Virtually confirmed to be showing (out of competition, thank the Lord) are Over the Hedge (?!) and X-Men: The Last Stand, which opens everywhere on earth during the second week of the festival. Another eagerly awaited title, Steven Soderbergh's George Clooney starrer, The Good German, has shifted from a virtual competition lock to being unlikely to screen at all, not because it's bad but because it's now appearing that it won't be finished by the time the fest begins. What will be finished, however, is The Fountain, which is practically confirmed to debut at Cannes, though whether it will be in competition or not remains to be seen. Another part of what is shaping up to be a Hollywood-heavy festival will be the first look at Oliver Stone's World Trade Center. While the film will not be anywhere near finished by spring, Stone is expected to bring 20 minutes of completed footage to the festival, which will be screened in connection with an event honoring Platoon's 20th anniversary.

The official announcement of titles comes in about a month -- until then, prepare to hear lots and lots of rumors. (And, evil, mean, Kirsten Dunst haters, continue seething with rage, because Marie-Antoinette is the only title that is -- unofficially, of course -- confirmed for competition at this point. Ha.)
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