Look, I really enjoyed the Project Greenlight series. While I will agree that IFC's Film School was a more educational show to watch for those of you out there dying to jump right into filmmaking (do keep in mind NYU did provide them with a lot of equipment), Greenlight really showed what it's like to do battle with a studio. Of course, in the "real world," all of those contest winners would have been immediately replaced by seasoned veterans.

That being said, Steven Spielberg is looking to bring a little bit of Greenlight to his next big project -- a reality television show. Seriously? Spielberg? Reality TV? If I were joking, you would know by now. Seriously, the director wants to create a show in which aspiring Spielbergs compete to direct a movie that he will produce. Right now, it's being pitched as Project Greenlight meets The Apprentice meets another show only us movie geeks will watch.

Honestly, it sounds like a fun idea ... even though I'm sure Spielberg himself will only appear in a couple episodes. However, you know a ton of folks will jump at the chance to be involved in one of his projects, so casting the film might get interesting. I'm also curious to see if Tom Hanks becomes involved, and to what capacity, seeing as the two have been imaginary lovers for some time now. Oh yeah, I just went there! What do you think about that?

[via Movie Blog]

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