Okay, so if you are a web monkey you've probably been noticing a few headlines something along the lines of "Brandon Routh says there will be a Superman Returns sequel!!!!" However, if you actually read deep enough, you'll notice that this isn't exactly the case, per se. Never fear, good readers, Cinematical is here to set the story straight for you. It all started with Harry "EVERYTHING IS SO AMAZING" Knowles'* AICN, in an interview with new Man of Steel Brandon Routh. Interviewer Quint asked Routh about his film future. Routh indicated that he hoped his new starring role will open some doors for him -- he said it's nice to have people come knocking instead of having to knock on all the doors himself. When pressed about being open to a Super sequel, he hesitantly replied "Well, I'm sure when the film comes out and if Warner Bros is really happy... they're really happy now, but I'd be really excited to do another movie. We've got it down now. We've got it down."

Crazy! You mean to tell me a successful superhero film would spawn a sequel? Color me shocked, cause I'd have never seen that one coming! Okay, sarcasm off for now, and I'll admit I really hope this film is awesome. I'm not a huge Fan of Steel, but I tend to enjoy any good comic book flick, and I want the genre to continue existing for as long as possible. And I think it'll be awesome to see Kevin Spacey as Lex.

*I really dig Harry Knowles and his site -- I just like to pick on his relentless optimism sometimes.
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