Despite the fact that one theater in New York pulled the trailer for Paul Greengrass' United 93 after receiving multiple complains, Universal has no plans to remove the trailer from the nearly 3000 theaters in which it's currently playing, or to edit or recut it. While one theater's decision would rarely cause much of a fuss, the subject of 9/11 movies is so sensitive that everything about United 93 is in a media spotlight. For that reason, it probably wasn't wise of a Universal spokesman to compare the complaints about its trailer to the "ruckus" that was raised by a few people about the poster for The 40-Year-Old Virgin last summer. I don't about you, but if he actually thinks those two things are the same, I'm thinking the man should stay far, far away from any and all marketing meetings, not to mention journalists. And microphones.

In other news, Greengrass himself will reportedly take part in a live chat on the United 93 website (where he's also participating in the forum, according to the people at CHUD) on April 20, from 8-9pm eastern time. If you've got question, comments, or nasty remarks, that'll be your chance to confront the director in text form. If anyone goes, please let us know how it is, via tip or comment.
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