Spoofmaster David Zucker is teaming up with writer Craig Mazin to bring the world just what it has always wanted -- a spoof of superhero films called ... wait for it ... Superhero! No, I'm not crazy excited about the film, the exclamation point is actually part of the film's title. According to Sci Fi Wire, Zucker and Mazin will be following a 15-rule list put together by Zucker himself called "the bible of movie spoofs" which contains some serious rules about spoof writing mostly containing reasonable ideas such as not making dated references and avoiding most obscure references. Zucker also said the project is happening because, "We're watching every movie that came out, and it's a genre that's ripe."

So basically, Zucker plans to makeMystery Men -- a film which didn't quite live up to its potential, although yours truly really loved it. At any rate I'm certainly willing to give Zucker a crack at it -- the man behind Airplane! will always be worth the risk of a movie ticket for me.
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