Yesterday news came across the wires about a new text-message based movie service, Forty Three KIX. Users can text-message the title of a film and their zip code to 43549 to get movie showtimes and locations in their area. The idea's nothing new; what is interesting is that Forty Three KIX isn't being brought to users by a movie studio or theater chain, but by the public relations firm of Terry Hines & Associates. Digging a little deeper into the site, it becomes apparent that above and beyond show times, Forty Three KIX also offers users the chance to share their feelings about a film they've seen on a blog made up of text messages … and also offers users the chance to get invited to pre-screenings of films represented by Terry Hines & Associates. Hollywood's always chased the younger, tech-savvy demographic … and Forty Three KIX might be an ideal way to reach out to a younger audience that might not be reading the newspapers or listening to the radio stations that, traditionally, have helped fill pre-release screenings of major films.

There's no cost for Forty Three KIX (above and beyond what cell users would normally pay for text messaging, of course) … which sounds really altruistic until it dawns on you that studios can use it for narrowcasting movie marketing and gathering instant feedback on a film. In a world with Moviefone, Fandango and other online services, do you think you might use Forty Three KIX … or are you nervy about being drafted for a marketing machine that wants you to help feed it for free?
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