For the past few months, the horror nuts have had a really intriguing project to look forward to: the two-storied terror tale known as Grind House. The original plan was for Quentin Tarantino to direct one hour-ish-long story, and for Robert Rodriguez to do the other (seereportsrighthere), but there now seems to be a snag in the production. The Quentin Tarantino Archives, which I can only assume is a reliable resource based on the fact that all the other movie geek sites trust its info, indicates that production on Grind House has been unexpectedly shut down.

One alleged crew member mentions "over budget" as a reason for the work stoppage, but those crafty folks at the QT site have another theory: Robert Rodriguez is opening an art exhibit this weekend in San Antonio, which might explain why his attentions are not firmly focused on his half of the Grind House game. Then again, all of this could be just a silly rumor, in which case I'll forever rue the nine minutes I wasted typing this stuff out. By the way, here's a look at RR's artwork, as inspired by Ms. Salma Hayek.
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