After turning his film The Producers into one of the most successful Broadway musicals of all time, it's being rumored that Mel Brooks might be looking to do the same thing with Young Frankenstein. Easily a classic and definitely one of my favorite Brooks films, Frankenstein starred Gene Wilder as the grandson of Dr. Victor von Frankenstein who, after discovering granddad's diary and inheriting his spooky castle, makes an attempt to create his own monster.

However, comedy ensues after the doctor inserts a faulty brain into his creation and, well, Mel Brooks-style hilarity takes over. I'm one of those people who absolutely loved The Producers when I saw it on Broadway and would certainly welcome a musical version of Young Frankenstein. Casting would be tricky though and I don't think Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane would fit in well here. And who would play the poor hunchback Igor? Jason Alexander? Hey, as long as the musical doesn't lead to a re-make of the original film, then I'm down with just about anything. Young Frankenstein was nominated for two Academy Awards (Best Sound and Best Adapted Screenplay) and is set to hit the streets of New York in 2007.


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