Just when you hoped Hollywood had figured out that there was nothing even remotely funny about Jon Heder, the goofy actor has signed on to star in Universal Pictures' Loudermilk. The studio preemptively picked up the high-concept comedy pitch by Chris Bowman with Heder and his two brothers, Dan and Doug, attached to produce through their newly formed Greasy Entrainment shingle. Talk about two guys who stepped into gold. I wonder if Jon would mind taking me on as a long lost brother? Heck, I'll go by Erik Heder if it means I get my own shingle too.

The film's plot is being kept under wraps right now, but one can only imagine what a flick called Loudermilk would be about? Perhaps, through a weird scientific experiment, Heder trades places with a carton of milk? Yeah, and when the milk starts talking, everyone around it is like, "Hey, did that milk just get louder?" While, so far, all of Heder's roles have been Dynamite-esque, something tells me this summer's School for Scoundrels will give him a chance to finally prove he can hang with the big boys.

Though I haven't seen it yet, there's obviously something appealing about this kid that has everyone itching for him to star in their film. Currently, Heder is filming Blades of Glory (Wasn't there an old school Nintendo game that went by that name?) alongside Will Ferrell, however production has been delayed after good old Napoleon fractured his ankle while ice skating. Aww, I sure hope that doesn't hinder him from performing in the other gazillion films he's attached to.

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