The last DVD version of The Princess Bride was released nearly five years ago, so naturally it's time for a new version. Sony is going one better than that and releasing two separate packages of the film in June: The Buttercup Edition and The Dread Pirate Edition. The difference seems to be chiefly in the packaging: the Buttercup Edition is supposed to appeal to "romantics" and the Dread Pirate Edition is supposed to appeal to "swashbucklers." Why not just make one box pink and one box blue, and label them For Girls and For Boys? (Actually, it appears that the boxes are in fact in those colors.) Why not just ... oh, never mind, this is a family-friendly site. I already own the DVD, and I can't see that the new edition adds any features that make it worthwhile to buy again.

My boyfriend points out that The Princess Bride has an unfortunate title -- people who don't know anything about the movie might assume from the title that it's "girly" and focused on romance, although it's actually an action-adventure film with lots of entertaining swashbuckling. I understand that a marketing effort focused on the pirate aspect of the film makes good sense. However, I dislike the idea of promoting gender stereotyping to sell DVDs, and I think it's unnecessary. Pirates are appealing to many people these days, regardless of gender, thanks mainly to Johnny Depp. I mean, who watched Pirates of the Caribbean for the romance?

Unfortunately, the Dread Pirate Edition cover looks more romantic than pirate-like, so I'm not convinced that this strategy will work. In the long run, which edition you buy might not matter, because it appears that the features on both the Buttercup and Dread Pirate editions are the same. However, I encourage all the men who want to own The Princess Bride to buy the pink box, and all the women to buy the blue one, just to thwart expectations.
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