Oh boy, odds and ends!
  • No one is going to believe this, but Ron Shelton has sold a spec script about sports. I know, I know - it's shocking. I should have asked if you were sitting down, sorry. This one is called Our Lady of the Ballpark, and is about "a slumping, egotistical New York Yankees pitcher who tries to resurrect his career in the comically corrupt Mexican Baseball League." Surely Kevin Costner's phone is already ringing.
  • Hey, readers with kids! You know that book, Punk Farm, that the little ones are all into? The one about "a group of farm animals who have one goal in mind -- to become an underground rock band," and end up performing at -- wait for it -- Livestock? Well, you can look forward to it staying in your life for a long, long time, because Dreamworks is makin' the movie! (Are those tears of joy or sorrow? It's hard to tell from here.) The company has already hired one of Ice Age: The Meltdown's myriad writers to pen the screenplay, but there's no word yet on who will direct.
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