Robert Rodriguez and Salma Hayek are good friends -- and why shouldn't they be? After all, Rodriguez did give the actress her proverbial "big break" when he cast her in his film Desperado, and the two worked together several more times as he subsequently cast her in three more films, including the Desperado sequels and Spy Kids: 3D.

Another friend of Robert Rodriguez is the talented Mexican-American muralist George Yepes. The connection here lies in two murals created by Yepes in which Hayek is the subject -- both of which were featured in Rodriguez's Once Upon a Time in Mexico. The three will be even more directly connected this Spring, as Rodriguez and Yepes have worked together to create a collection of sixteen paintings based upon Hayek to be shown in an exhibit named "Terra Nostra: Solamenta Salma," will be on display at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center in San Antonio from April 7 through June 18 for a "suggested donation" of two dollars. The paintings will later be auctioned off to art collectors with some of the proceeds going to Hayek's favorite charities.

Okay, I admit I had no idea that Rodriguez was an artist outside of the film medium -- although I suppose it shouldn't surprise me, as Rodriguez is a very eclectic individual. Personally, I won't be going out of my way to catch this exhibit, although I do think Yepes is an very talented artist. If anyone who lives down near San Antonio checks this sucker out I'd love to hear you report on your impressions.
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