Speaking as someone who went through the process of planning a wedding last year, I can honestly say the entire experience could be compared to riding the world's fastest roller-coaster without a seat belt. I'm assuming New Line tapped into some of those emotions after recently acquiring Jared Bush's spec script, Save the Date -- a comedy about feverishly planning a wedding that doesn't exist.

The story will center on a Type-A woman who has spent her entire life plotting out every little detail of her wedding, right down to the type of flowers, menu and location. However, the one thing she forgot to reserve was a groom. Upon finally meeting "the perfect guy," she must figure out a way to pull off the wedding of her dreams without the dude catching on to her life-long plan. Yay, sounds like the perfect date movie for a single guy who wants to leave the theater and dive head-first into a nervous breakdown. Raise your hand if you're that guy. I didn't think so.

New Line is still flying high after their latest wedding-themed film crashed the box office with a sweet $210 million domestically. Remember that one? It was about weddings and the people that crash them? Damn, what was the name again?


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